The Jim Pattison Auto Group is one of the largest automotive groups in western Canada. Their most current projects are located in Victoria, British Columbia. In January 2015 the existing smaller and quite dated Toyota and Lexus facilities were replaced with a spectacular 67,300 square foot Toyota facility consisting of four levels and a 7,700 square foot 2-story Lexus facility.

The originally specified railing was a shoe mounted structural glass design; however, the architect and owner looked extensively for a lower cost alternative that still maintained their aesthetic and design objectives.

The design architect, ABBARCH Architecture, Inc. of Vancouver, BC, had seen a sample of Hollaender’s VUE glass railing system with post captured glass.

Dan Horner of ABBARCH stated, “I felt that this railing would fulfill the client’s needs while allowing them to save money in this area.”

While this railing was not quite as “transparent” as the shoe mounted glass, the cost savings were significant enough to justify changing to the post captured glass design.


The Hollaender VUE railing, with its clean lines and clear anodized finish, fit our overall design objective and allowed us to reduce the cost associated with the original shoe mounted railing. We are all very satisfied with this railing system and its installation, as well as, appreciate Hollaender’s engineers going the extra mile in dealing with our local building codes and bylaws to ensure that we would not have any issues with their system at time of final inspections.

Joey Goncalves - Manager of Facilities Design and Development for the Jim Pattison Auto Group

Victoria, BC
ABBARCH Architecture, Inc.
Clear anodized finish frame with 3/8" clear tempered glass infill


  • VUE™ Level Top Mount VUE™ Level Top Mount
  • VUE™ Sloped Stringer Mount VUE™ Sloped Stringer Mount
  • VUE™ with Glass Infill Panels BIM VUE™ with Glass Infill Panels BIM