Newman By Hollaender Railings

Newman by Hollaender™ (formerly Newman Brothers) is an all stainless steel handrail system that can include glass railing, button railing or panel clip railing. The structural glass railing has an extruded aluminum shoe that is encased with cladding that can be either stainless steel or aluminum. Top caps or rails are available in round and U-channel forms in materials and finishes that match the cladding as well as the assist rail. Wood is a popular option.

Structural Glass Railing

Newman by Hollaender™ (formerly Newman Brothers Railing) stainless steel structural glass railing.

Button Glass Railing

Button Glass Railing is an engineered railing system designed for side mounting to adequate structural mounting surface giving the impression of a “glass wall”.

Smoke Baffles

Smoke baffles (aka draft curtains) are engineered to meet NFPA and IBC codes.