Button Glass Railing is an engineered railing system designed for side mounting to adequate structural mounting surface giving the impression of a “glass wall”.

The glass railing, typically 42 inches high above the walking surface, is point or button mounted to stringer on level or stairs. Since the actual height of the glass above the button mounts is in the order of 48 to 52 inches, the glass must be structurally sound enough to meet code and be “comfortably safe”. Due to the height, glass is either ¾” thick in monolithic or 13/16” thick in either PVB or SGP laminated.

Buttons are typically 7 inches apart in the vertical orientation, so stringers or mounting surfaces must be adequately sized to take this dimension.

The glass railing comes with stainless steel assist rail for stairs, and can have a variety of top caps, as well as using the top of the glass with no cap as an option.

Please refer to our standard details to determine suggested mounting surface dimensions.

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Product Data Sheets

  • Button Glass Railing Button Glass Railing


  • Button Glass Railing Level Button Glass Railing Level
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