Joe Vejraska, project architect for GHN Architects and Engineers, worked with the Springfield Public School District in specifying a railing system for the new construction of Glendale High School’s Commons Area. For both aesthetics and maintenance reasons, the owner and architect wanted a railing that was something other than traditional welded painted steel.

For the railing frame, stainless steel was found to be too expensive. An anodized aluminum appeared to offer a good value alternative that would minimize maintenance costs.

The usual infill designs of picket and other metal materials were rejected for a more opaque infill that allowed light into the space, having a “frosted nontransparent” finish. For the infill, tempered glass was quickly rejected, in favor of an acrylic resin panel system.

Joe found that Hollaender® Manufacturing’s Interna-Rail® anodized aluminum railing system, combined with Lumicor® Lago acrylic resin infill panels offered the school the look and functionality they wanted, at a price they could afford. In addition, all involved liked the fact that Hollaender’s component/non-welded design gave it a versatility that was an added feature.

All stakeholders in this project, from architect to contractor to owner, are highly satisfied with the Hollaender railing.

GHN Project Architect Joe Vejraska

Springfield, Missouri
GHN Architects and Engineers
Interna-Rail®, Post and Wall Mounted Handrail
Clear anodized finish frame with light blue textured Lumicor® Lago acrylic resin panels



  • Interna-Rail® 2-Line, Glass, Post Mount Interna-Rail® 2-Line, Glass, Post Mount
  • Interna-Rail® Single Line, Ramp Interna-Rail® Single Line, Ramp