The Cottages of Overton County is a senior nursing home residence facility located in Livingston, Tennessee. Architect Greg Lusk of Lewis Group Architects was tasked with an interesting challenge.

The deck features an excellent view of the picturesque grounds, yet included a 12' drop. The aesthetic solution was to use glass infill panel railing to enhance the view, but also make the overall height 6' instead of the code height of 3'6". The taller railing provides a sense of security to the elderly denizens of the home. In addition, the railing was further enhanced with the use of Goldray’s Ceramic Frit tempered glass on the bottom to make the nursing home patrons feel more comfortable about approaching the railing and deck edge. The railing had to be completely safe with the required PE documentation, structural analysis, and had to withstand wind speeds of 90 mph per the State of Tennessee building code.

After reaching out to several railing manufacturers to no avail, especially with respect to the wind speed issue, Hollaender® Manufacturing Co. was able to provide a railing solution with 1⁄2" thick glass infill panels, oversized posts, and mounting flanges that retains both the transparency and safety that the client required.

Both the architect and the owner of the facility are pleased with all aspects of the railing.

Lewis Group Architect Greg Lusk

Additionally, the General Contractor who self-performed the railing install commented that install time was far less than anticipated and that the railing system was a well thought out product that enhanced the installation process.

Hollaender® Manufacturing with its many years of designing railing solutions for entities such as U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, NASA, as well as many difficult architectural railing solutions, was ideally suited to both the engineering and aesthetic requirements of the project.

Livingston, Tennessee
Lewis Group Architects, Inc.
Clear anodized finish frame with 1⁄2" thick tempered glass and Goldray's Ceramic Frit architectural glass


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