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Speed-Rail® Railing Systems

Our Speed-Rail® railing systems look great, are easy to install, and are made of the most corrosive resistant aluminum alloy available.  Unlike welded alternatives, our railing systems are installable by non-specialized labor, and are very easy to reconfigure on-the-fly.


Speed-Rail Handrail System with Wire Mesh Infill Panels Speed-Rail Handrail System with Perforated Infill Panels Speed-Rail Handrail System with Powder Coated Wire Mesh Infill Panels

Frame: Clear Anodized

Infill: Wire Mesh

Frame: Clear Anodized

Infill: Perforated Metal Steel

Frame: Clear Anodized

Infill: Powder Coated Wire Mesh


Speed-Rail® Railing Systems - Features and Benefits

  • "Kit of Parts" design allows for on-site assembly, easy to reconfigure when drawings do not match site


  • Unique "Industrial Chic" look is ideal for urban or industrial aesthetic


  • Installable by non-specialized labor


  • Anodized aluminum pipe and aluminum magnesium fittings are extremely corrosion resistant, allowing for the lowest long term maintenance cost